Below are some typical fees for our services. However, these are only guidelines. If you have a custom project in mind or don’t see something listed below, please contact us and we’ll create an estimate that fits your project.

We accept payment by check, money order, or online via secure PayPal and major credit cards. Check or Money order payments will delay the start of the project until the payment has arrived and cleared.

Research Services

  • Census Research: $15 per hour
  • Lineage Research: $30 per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • Document Research: $30 per hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Cemetery Projects (require a 25% deposit prior to start)
    • Grave Photography: $20 per cemetery if plot locations are supplied; $40 per cemetery if plots are unknown
    • Grave photos copied to CD-ROM and mailed: $3.99 each disc
    • Grave photos emailed: $FREE
    • Grave print package: $6.99 per full 8.5×11 sheet (multiple sizes to fill sheet) or $0.20 each for 4×6″
    • Cemetery Project Package – includes all on-site grave photography, a satellite image with plot location marked, plot layout sketch, virtual memorial setup (see Media & Sharing Services for more info on Virtual Memorials) and Adobe PDF report all copied to a CD-ROM and mailed to you: $249.99

Media & Sharing Services

  • Book & Manuscript Development (requires a 25% deposit prior to start)
    • Hard or Softcover Book Development from your manuscript– you supply the text
      manuscript in electronic format and any original photos you want to include and we will prepare it for production: $149.99 1
    • Custom Hard or Softcover Book Development– includes writing, graphic design of covers and interior design, layout and preparation for production. Can be color or black and white, include photos and be made to one of a number of different size formats to fit your taste: $399.99 1
    • Hard or Softcover Book Production – purchase one or multiple copies of your book once it is designed and prepped. Large numbers of pages, hardcover books and books that include color cost more to produce but generally your cost to print a single book will be between $15 – $30 each.
  • Web Site Development (require a 25% deposit prior to start)
    • Self Sufficient Package – we’ll set up a template for you with a home page and provide 1/2 hr of telephone-based training to get you ready to create your own pages: $79.99
    • Custom Web Development – if you have something more involved in mind, contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide an estimate.
    • Domain Name Registration – if you’d like a custom domain name (eg. we can register one for you and connect it to your web pages: about $12/year + $15 one-time setup
  • Virtual Memorials – we’ll create a virtual memorial complete with digital photo (grave photo and personal photo if available) and a bio provided by you. A link to the online memorial will be emailed to you so that you can share it with relatives: $19.99 per memorial
  • Online Photo Albums – setup, build and share an online album YOU can add to at any time: $24.99 per year  plus $15.00 one-time setup

1 Does not include production (printing) of the book itself which depends on the quantity ordered, number of pages, whether color or black and white, type of binding and size format, etc.

Preservation Services

  • Photo Scan & Digital Restoration – digitally scan and retouch your photos: $20-30 per photo (Price depends on size and complexity of cleanup. Requires a 25% deposit prior to start)
  • Photos copied to CD-ROM and mailed: $3.99 ea
  • Photos emailed to you: $FREE
  • Photo print package: $6.99 per full 8.5×11 sheet (multiple sizes to fill sheet) or $0.20 each for 4×6″
  • TV-viewable Photo Slide Show on DVD: $16.99 each 2,3