Most of us have an album or suitcase filled with old family photos. Many have faded, lost color or otherwise deteriorated with age. It is important to preserve these heirlooms for future generations to enjoy. Origins Genealogy Services can digitally scan, restore, color correct and enhance these photos.  We also offer the ability to produce new prints for you and to archive the digital scans onto a CD-ROM, which many modern DVD players can display on your TV. In many cases we can even do research to help you determine or narrow down the date a photo was taken.

Photo Scans

We use a high-resolution flatbed scanner to capture your original digitally. If there is information of genealogical value on the front and back we’ll scan both. Whether its a photographic print, slide positive or film negative we can capture it for digital restoration and sharing. Because print and film types vary so greatly (especially those from the non-standardized “hobbyist” period of photography) please contact us to be sure we can capture the format you have.

Digital Restoration

Although most photographic prints and slides can survive time fairly well, a lot depends on how they were handled and stored. Many of your photos might be faded, scratched, lost their original color balance, were badly focused or suffer from being greatly over- or under-exposed. Even with digital retouching techniques it’s not possible to turn a poorly photographed image into a masterpiece, but even on the worst photos digital restoration can sometimes bring out genealogically useful details you never knew were there.

Photo prints and Preservation on CD-ROM/DVD

Of course, once photos are scanned and retouched you’ll want to be able to enjoy the photos without having to take out (and potentially damage) the originals. We can produce new hardcopy prints for you to enjoy or copy them to a CD-ROM for using in your computer or archival-quality DVD disc* you can play on your TV with a DVD player.

*We use archive-safe Delkin Archival Gold disc media whose 24-karat gold coating protects the disc from heat, humidity and oxidation and is rated to 100 years (most regular CD-R & DVD-R media is only rated for 3-5 years before data loss can occur. How long data remains intact on any media is also highly dependent on how well the media is stored. There are no guarantees.)

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